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CPI(M) appeals for peace

Polit-Bureau of CPI(M) has expressed deep anguish over the statement made by BJP Delhi Unit Head Nupul Sharma that not only hurt the sentiments of our fellow countrymen but also brought disrepute to the country. India is a secular country and politicians should desist from having any opinion or making statements on religion.

CPI(M) justifies the anger, shown by the followers of Islam, against insulting remarks made by Ms Sharma. However, it cautioned that the violence can only boast the people for communal disharmony. Polit-bureau while criticizing police for registering FIR against the mob instead of Nupul Sharma, demands a quick and stern action against Ms Sharma as would help bring the situation under control.

Comrade Tarigami demands credible Probe into alleged irregularities in SI police selection list

Tarigami has expressed serious concern over the alleged irregularities in the recently declared result for the post of S.I Police. It seems that the results have been skewed in favour of influential candidates with scant regard for merit. these allegations came up at a time when un-employment touched all time high. The govt., hence, must order a credible probe into these allegations and undo the wrongs done, if proved.

Comrade Tarigami at D K Marg:

M Y Tarigami today visited D K Marg to address a large gathering of workers. In his thunderous speech, Mr Tarigami tried to make people of Kashmir understand the negative impact, civilian killings of Non-locals is going to have. Non-local work force is an essential component of our daily life, he adds. Impressed upon the government not to identify people with their belief/faith but to identify them as human beings whose lives are to be protected. He reminded the gathering of the values propagated by LalaDed, Noor-ud-din Noorani and other Sufi saints. Others who spoke on the occasion include Masterji, M Abass, M Afzal DDCs etc. Complete Event

PAGD demands arrangements for Decent Burial of Aamir Magrey

Comrade Tarigami raises the issue of exhuming and subsequent burial of Aaamir Magrey as has been directed by Hon’ble High Court. Complete Interview

Rejected tourist inflow as Normalcy. Says that there were more tourist even on August 04, 2019. Kashmiris were always hospitable to outsiders, he further added. To a question regarding the constitutional position on bifurcation of a state, Tarigami opined that the right rests with the people of that state only. GOI in 2002 had frozen the boundaries of all constituencies of the country, was his answer to another question regarding delimitation process. For complete Interview please click here

Strongly Condemn innocent Killings: Tarigami 

Comrade Tarigami condemns the killing of an innocent female teacher who was doing a very noble service to the society. He is empathetic to the bereaved and impresses upon the present dispensation for prioritizing the safety and security of all citizens particularly those who are been targeted. Killing of Manager EDB Kulgam and a non-local labourer at Chadoora is painful and inhuman act. Investigation of these killings is needed.

Life imprisonment given to Yaseen Malik –unfortunate and setback to the efforts for peace: PAGD

Life imprisonment given to Yaseen Malik is unfortunate and a setback to the efforts for peace. We are afraid that this will further compound the uncertainties in the region and will only fuel more alienation and separatist feelings.

NIA Court has delivered its verdict but not justice. 

The triumphalism being displayed by the BJP and the corporate media is bound to prove counterproductive.

Meanwhile we suggest that Yaseen Malik should avail all legal opportunities to contest this verdict.

   Mohamad Yousuf Tarigami