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Conscience Awakening

Comrade Tarigami at MohmadPora Kulgam tried to awake people out of slumber and impressed upon them to know and understand the gameplan of the enemy. He criticised the government decision on new Land Law (Lease cancellation). Reminded the Jammuites of the role played by Shri Maharaja Hari Singh with regard to certain protective laws. Celebration of his day should not aim at undermining the stature of S M Abdullah but celebrating his day should be working for restoration of all that he stood for, and the present government has taken away. Why to let the government amend the Land Laws, Maharaja implemented. He exposed the government pretext that abrogation of 370 was a sine-quo-non for letting outsiders start their commercial units here by saying that cancellation of Land Lease bear witness to it that outsiders could well take land on lease earlier as well.

He took this opportunity to criticize the power hungry. Some politicians do everything, they can, to please their Boss as are after power and Paisa. They lend a blind eye to inhuman and anti kashmiri acts. CPI(M) needs nothing but the honour of people and protection of their properties.

He cited the success of Farmers’ agitation as an example of what unified struggle could do. People should not be afraid of fighting for their genuine demands. He impressed upon the people to rise up against the tyranny of the present Govt.

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