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Struggle between two contradictory forces is the law of Nature. Civilization too is a product of struggle. Its ups and downs, progress and regress; inertia and change, depends on the struggle of humans. Every struggle gains momentum when the overwhelming majority of the masses get involved. Mass struggle generally succeeds because it is able to sustain itself for a long time.

The present system benefits not more than 5% of the population. The system of imperialist globalization has resulted in unprecedented miseries for humanity. In reaction, the popular resistance against this anti people offensive is also gaining ground. It has been sharply expressed across the world, particularly in Latin America. The “Occupy Wall Street Movement” and strong protests against neo-liberalism in Europe have been a part of it. In response to the onslaught on the livelihood of the masses, protests have also been launched in West Asia and Arab World, especially Egypt. Mass struggles continue to grow and spread even in South Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

At present juncture, people are looking for an alternative, which can deliver justice to the overwhelming majority, especially the toiling masses. However, the alternative cannot be achieved unless and until the masses organize themselves, get united and launch sustainable revolutionary struggles.

As a part of the globe, Kashmir also aspires for peace with dignity, prosperity and justice. We are sure that our people can achieve their rightful urges and aspirations and can also shape their future by sustained mass struggle. We pledge to contribute our bit towards this goal.